2018 Homeless Donation
AEOE-LAUSD has 90 years of experience in serving the interest of the office employees in LAUSD.  AEOE is affiliated with the California Association of Educational Office Professionals and the National Association of Educational Office Professionals.

Photo above was our donation to LAUSD Homeless Education Unit in January 2018.
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Training at CAEOP 2017We are very fortunate to have many professional development opportunities with the district.
Take some time to view online workshops, webinars, and training support provided by Organizational Excellence Workforce Management.

Many trainings can be done from your own computer. Be sure to Google a topic you're interested in.

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calendar• February 23, 2019
Board Scoring Meeting

• February 28 - March 2, 2019
CAEOP Annual Conference

• March 16, 2019
Board Meeting and Scoring

• April 17, 2019
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The Association of Educational Office Employees of the Los Angeles Unified School District is open for membership to all educational office employees. It has the largest membership in this category of any recognized organization. AEOE-LAUSD is a chartered corporation designed to meet the needs of the educational office employee in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Office employees have been under valued for many years and it is essential that management recognizes the vital role they play in responsible financial functions and public relations.

Association of Educational Office Employees - Los Angeles Unified School District
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