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Remembering Mildred Fisher
Past President of AEOE - LAUSD

Mildred Fisher

Mildred Fisher was a member of our association for over five decades and was President of Association of Educational Office Employees from 1978-1979.  In the early days, AEOE was a large organization that was divided into four sections.  Mildred was the chairman of the West section.  Mildred planned meetings at different schools after her working hours.  One meeting she helped plan was attended by over 100 members and even the West Area Superintendent was there!  This was no ordinary meeting but it was “high tea” that everyone enjoyed, and they were talking about it for months.  Mildred organized many workshops and in-service classes to upgrade the office employees of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Because of Mildred and her classes, many office employees succeeded in obtaining promotions and bettering themselves.

On March 1, 1972, Mildred joined the California Association of Educational Office Professionals (CAEOP). Here too, Mildred was involved in the workshops and plans for their yearly conferences.  Because of her inspiring commitment to her fellow colleagues, she was recognized by her peers to be a “Life Member” which was quite an honor.

Not one to sit idly by, on July 1, 1972, Mildred joined the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP). Mildred was instrumental in starting the “Celebration of Life, White Rose Ceremony.”  This ceremony continues to be held during our National Conference every year in July. Anyone who has a family member that has passed away during the prior year is called forward and is given a white rose.  Mildred’s name will be honored at the 2012 ceremony.

When Mildred retired in 1979, she just kept right on going for the betterment of the educational office employee. She joined National Association of Retired Educational Office Professionals (NAREOP).  Mildred was President of this association from 1990-92.  Out of that position, a group of Los Angeles members became a part of Mildred’s “Sounding Board.” This group consisted of eight women that had many get-togethers over lunch to discuss local, state, and national issues and concerns.

In March, 2012, The Association of Educational Office Employees established the “Mildred Fisher Scholarship Award” in which AEOE awarded a $2,500.00 scholarship to a deserving high school student.

Mildred was an absolutely beautiful woman.  Her passionate outlook on life was contagious.  She was incredibly positive and was always laughing and joking.  She had that wonderful personality that you just wanted to listen to about life and guidance.  Mildred is well-known and is a well-loved role model for all employees all over the country.   She is deeply missed.


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