The Association of Educational Office Employees
of the Los Angeles Unified School District
Celebrating 81 Years of Service to LAUSD

AEOE - LAUSD 2009 Poster and Writing Recipients

Theme: "Healthy Choices I Make"
AEOE Poster Contest Recipients


Kindergarten & 1st Grade

1st Place - Anthony Collaso
2nd Place - Jackie Avila
3rd Place - Brandon Lee



2nd & 3rd Grades

1st Place - Emily Sim
2nd Place - Abigail Endler
3rd Place - Erek Castro

4th & 5th Grades

1st Place - Yugyeom Lee
2nd Place - Yeeham Kim
3rd Place - Paulo Hernandez



AEOE Writing Contest Recipients

6th - 8th Grade

1st Place - Jessica Kwon
2nd Place - Manali Kulkarni
3rd Place - Paulina Jimenez

9th & 10th Grades

1st Place - Ashley Velasco
2nd Place - Jesus Moran
3rd Place - Arnulfo Moran

11th & 12th Grades

1st Place - Karinina Cruz

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