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Recognizing Helen Aposhian
AEOE Member since 1945


Helen has been a member in good standing since 1945. She has served in many capacities on the Board of Directors for the Association and currently serves as retiree mentor for the current board members.

Today she is still inspired by AEOE and shows her support by attending our Board meetings, Annual Installation Luncheon, Scholarship and Office Professional of the Year Luncheon, Scholarship and Office Professional of the Year Scoring Meeting, Winter Social, and various conferences. She is a valuable resource to the Association and brings with her many good ideas and ways to improve our professional lives.


Helen began working for LAUSD in February, 1942. She retired in June, 1983 as an Office Manager at Clover Elementary School. During that time she was offered a “Golden Handshake” and retired. While working for the District she worked as an Office Manager at 10 different elementary schools with 19 various administrators. She taught “in-service” classes for new office managers for over 10 years. After her first retirement, she worked part-time for the District’s Intern Program. She retired again in 2008. She continues to travel the world, and we love to hear of her adventures.

“Helen A.” as we call her is well-loved, very knowledgeable, and is a valuable asset to all who know her. She is full of rich history of not only LAUSD and AEOE, but also CAEOP and NAEOP.

Helen has also been a member of CAEOP since 1951, holding continuous membership for 58 years. She joined NAEOP in 1962, holding continuous membership for 47 years. She received her PSP in 1965. We honor her for her outstanding service and dedication to Association of Educational Office Employees – Los Angeles, to the California Association of Educational Office Professionals, and to the National Association of Educational Office Professionals.

We are proud to have Helen Aposhian as our Member and Mentor!


Submitted by: Janet Davis-Sylvester, CEOE Secretary – November, 2009

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